For those of you who don’t know me, I am Vicki Flores, wife, mother, daughter, friend and Interior Designer. Like all type A personalities, being in control is a pretty basic need. Since I am artistic and in the design field, I have dealt with change constantly and loved to lead the charge. However, in the last few years, life has thrown a few challenges our way and my new mantra is ADAPT.

I started writing this blog when our family of four unique people with individual needs moved into one home to share our lives together This is our story. Nothing happens without a beginning, and this is ours. We have now been living in this multigenerational family home for nearly 6 years and I am thankful everyday that that we made this decision.

Megan was married and living in Kansas City and Bryan was teaching in Prague when Jim and I moved from our “raising the family home” into our “empty nest” home and started to adjust to being a couple again; however Bryan returned to Wichita a few months later to begin teaching English composition at Wichita State University. He moved into our lower level while settling into his new job.

We were all devastated when symptoms of muscle weakness lead to a diagnosis of ALS.    Learn more about ALS. Thankfully, he has a very slow-progressing form of the disease was able to manage stairs. The Mother-designer set about setting up a disability friendly lower level.

The tub was replaced with a walk-in shower complete with grab bars and seat. Bryan purchased a reclining lift chair and an electronic bed and we were good to go for a the foreseeable future. It was not long before the stairs were becoming too difficult. The stair lift wouldn’t work for us so we researched an elevator. I designed the space for the elevator installation and was ready to sign the contract when God gave me a big wake up call!

                          Cast of Characters

Hola! from the fam.

From left, Jim, husband; Megan, daughter; Me, Dot, grandma; Matt, son -in-love; Chris, family friend & son-in-heart, and Bryan. Taken at family vacation in Mexico at year after diagnosis.

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